We have a successful and innovative program called Blueprint to Knee Pain that gets over a 90% success rate with completely reversing knee osteoarthritis even in very severe cases of bone-on-bone and also helping to heal a torn meniscus naturally. Our patients receive 2 personal medical devices for use at home daily, a nutritional kit and in-office treatments as well as an online diet and education program which can be easily accessed through our app on your phone or computer.

We have a process that works with proven equipment that is backed by research with by 21 white paper studies.

Knee Specific Decompression Traction Therapy

Our knee traction machine opens up the joint space in the knee through safe mechanical traction using 15-30 lbs. of force. This increases hydration of the joint, enhances blood circulation and breaks apart scar tissue as well as improves range of motion and spacing between the femur and tibia. This decreases greatly decreases inflammation in the joint and promotes the regeneration of the cartilage between the 2 bones.

Infrared Light Therapy

We have you use a state-of-the-art light therapy machine 1 to 2 times per day at home that is specially designed to work on the knees. This device will enhance the blood circulation to the cartilage by causing the formation of new blood vessels around the meniscus through a process called angiogenesis. This machine works synergistically with the nitric oxide products that we provide for you as a part of your nutrition kit as it enhances nitric oxide uptake in the knees which dilates blood vessels for optimal circulation to the bone and cartilage. Daily treatment speeds up the regeneration of knee cartilage. This treatment is a very important part of our program.

Nerve Re-Education Therapy

You will also receive a prescription-grade electrical stimulation unit to use daily at home. This device is unique in that it has a biofeedback feature that allows it to precisely re-educate the nerves of each individual patient for proper muscular function around the knees for stability and strength. We have you administer the therapy on the distal quadriceps just above the knee to reeducate the muscles supporting the knee. This machine helps with pain, blood circulation, and nerve function.